BPD Housing

Digital design
TamTam (Dept)
Visual designer
Visual design
Awards & recognitions
Silver Spin Award
Buying a new residence has never been this easy. BPD is the first developer in the world who enables their users to buy a house online. The result thereof is an innovative website, built in VR, that enables the user to view houses that have not yet been built, and then allowing them to place the house in their shopping basket and actually buy it.
The first place in the world where you can buy a house online. Giving visitors the possibility to feel and see their future home. This concept knocked it so far out of the park, it went orbit. Have you ever heard the story about the couple that bought a house with a Cardboard on their head? No? Well, you have now. Users get the possibility to actually take a look within a new house, while staying at home.